Ep. 11 - Personality Types & Your Biz w/- Anna Grillo

Anna Grillo

MBTI - personality types in your business


Since I worked in the corporate world, for a management consulting firm, I’ve been obsessed with Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a personality typing tool. When I first found out about it, it really helped me to get my head around, not only my own preferences and behaviours, but also those of people around me and how best we might work together. It extends everywhere - personal relationships, parenting, and so much more. Anna is an expert and we talked about how different personalities show up in and affect your business...

- Understanding your preferences & how that might affect your business

- Knowing what you are naturally great at (and what would be excellent to get help/coaching/support with)

- Where you draw your energy from

- How you make decisions and organise your life and business

- How personality, communication and management affects your life, your business, relationships and how you parent


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Anna Grillo is a unique, holistic practitioner who combines kinesiology and wellness strategies with her extensive experience in personality psychology and the corporate human resources field. She is your go to guide for all things self-care, mindset, relationships and career.


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