10 Things You Can Stop Doing today (and every other day)

10 things you can give yourself PERMISSION to stop doing today (and every other day)

1. STOP saying yes to all the events

Look. I love coffee as much as the next chronically-sleep-deprived-Virgo, and I'm not suggesting for a minute that you stop drinking it. But. When it comes to spending alllll your time (and a fair chunk of moolah) at cafes, be selective. You don't have to say 'yes' all the time. Make sure there's a reason... which doesn't have to be about lead generation or sales... social time is mucho importanto - but know what you're there for!

2. STOP signing up for all the webinars, freebies, challenges, apps, tools etc.

There I said it. You know enough. You are enough. If there's a strategy or change or upgrade you need to make, ask around or search for it. Just because it pops up on your feed, doesn't mean you need to consume it now. If you do sign up to learn / transform / implement something in your business, make sure you set aside some DEDICATED time in your calendar, lest it ends up just another PDF cluttering your downloads folder and more emails in your Overwhelm Box. I mean.. 'inbox'.

3. STOP being in all the Facebook groups

Pick 3. Check in monthly to ensure they're the 'right ones' right now. Know what you want to be getting from each of them and get out if you're not.

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4. STOP having multiple To Do lists

Paper or virtual. Doesn't matter. But having to remember where you jotted down all your tasks and scrounging around amongst post-its, notebooks, Asana and more is counter-productive. Pick one place.

5. STOP reinventing the wheel

Chances are, if you've done it once in your business, you'll need to to it again at some point. Capture the steps you take from woe-to-go somewhere (my preference is Asana, but a word doc, google doc or any other central place is fine). That way, the next time you do it, you cut out the 'working out how' and 'remembering all the moving parts' bits and all you have to do it... do it!

6. STOP following someone else's Perfect Day

In fact. Stop following anybody else's Perfect Anything. Take the best bits, be inspired, set your own goals and mix/match it all. The intricacies of our lifestyles, families, energy cycles and motivators vary between all of us and trying to follow anyone else's processes to a T often results in yet another 'failure'. Swim in your own lane.

7. STOP planning today, today

End today planning tomorrow. Then all you have to do tomorrow is tick-n-flick.

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8. STOP cleaning for the cleaner

When you get someone to help you with something, it's because it's THEIR zone of genius. Case in point: if you agonise over getting your website to some point you're happy with before you have the meeting with the web developer, you've wasted your time and their expertise. Apply this to all the things you outsource. You do you, boo... let them do them.

9. STOP recreating content

If you've ever answered a question in a FB group, sent an email, replied to a PM, you've created content. If it's likely to be useful to anyone else (and it will be), copy/paste it somewhere accessible, schedule it as content to your own social media channels, turn it into a newsletter (this email was a webinar a little while ago)…

10. STOP...

Just stop. You don't have to be doing, moving, calling, hustling, thinking, working, or ANYTHING 100% of the time. Make your head-space and chill-time a priority! Schedule regular time out. And make sure those are the appointments you keep!

If doing less (but more of the RIGHT stuff) feels like the answer to all your problems (and I can almost guarantee it is), I'd love to chat with you about a strategy that will work and feel easy and fun for you and work for your business and lifestyle goals.