Ep. 02 - Intuition vs. Fear w/- Leah Kearns

Leah Kearns

Intuition vs. Fear


I’m a huge fan and admirer of Leah’s - her ability to ask the right questions and just ‘get’ stuff that’s practical, actionable and real (even if I didn’t want to admit it)… I wrote ‘Fear vs. Intuition?’ in my list of topics for the show, and the Universe delivered Leah to talk to me about it...

- How do you know if ‘that feeling’ is fear or intuition

- How it shows up in your business

- What to do when you’re trying to move through or past either of them

- Following the energy and listening to your gut


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Leah Kearns - The Soul Startup Entrepreneur, Leah believes in living life as a startup.

No failure, only learning. She inspires, teaches and guides people as an Intuitive Business Mentor, in simple life frameworks to know, listen and trust themselves in life. The frameworks are strengthened around things they are already doing. Leah’s Vision is Empowering Journeys Together. Her manifesto is Empowering being gifting confidence to access your own wisdom; Knowing our Journeys are our lives, and our experiences in our lives; Together, we as a human collective - in consciousness, as a shining light in physical form.

This is across all life areas, as a speed bump in one effects all.

Self - health, love and spirituality;

Relationships - to Self, loved ones, family, friends, peers and community;

Vocation - business or career; and

Finances - business and personal.

Now Leah also consciously connects deeply with nature, the stars and everything in between. She is a wife, a celestial midwife, a celebrator and collaborator to bring peers together and a leader of her life.


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