Bali Retreat Batch It Claire Barton 2019

Uninterrupted, supported FOCUS for your beautiful business project!

Claire Barton Retreat


Our beautiful homes for the weekend will be at Villa Mangga and Villa Palm Kuning in Ubud, Bali (get directions). These are two beautiful modern villas, across the lane from one another, in walking distance to cafes, shops and other Bali delights, and I'm sure we'll spend ample time lounging around the gorgeous pool and shared living spaces. The workshops and group work will be held in Mangga and your room will assigned on your arrival.

There are 6 double bedrooms in total, each with air-conditioning and private bathroom, allowing us plenty of space and privacy. There's also WiFi throughout the whole property (plus TV - if we have time... hahaha!). Breakfast will be prepared fresh for us daily at the villa and they will be cleaned and services daily as well… say ‘no’ to chores on retreat!

Everyone on retreat will have their own bedroom and bathroom. There are plenty of common spaces for our workshops and DOING time as well as breakout spots for some quiet "HDBU" (Head Down, Bum Up) productivity-smashing time too!


Your accommodation is included in the cost of retreat from Thursday 25th through to Tuesday 30th July 2019. We will have a get-to-know casual dinner on the Thursday and officially get started with retreat from 8am on Friday 26th July.

I’ll be hanging around a bit longer so there are limited rooms also available at a rate of $75/person per room for the nights of:
- Wednesday 24th July
- Tuesday 30th July
- Wednesday 31st July
* Please let me know ASAP if you’d like to book these for some extra holiday time. Note - breakfast will be included for these extra days, but all other expenses and activities outside the Retreat Agenda are your own responsibility.

The accommodation is able to arrange a driver for around $35 from Denpasar Airport (email Claire directly to organise if this is what you'd like to do) and it's as least a 1-1.5 hour drive. Please let us know when you expect to arrive (in the FB group) as you may be able to coordinate transfers with each other. If you're arriving in Ubud earlier than July 27th or staying on, please let us know in the FB Group - shared accommodation options may be available.

As I’ll be in Bali for several days before and after the Batch It Crazy Retreat - you can contact me on Messenger or via the Facebook group if you have any questions. What’s App is also available (+61 432 293 313)


If you haven't already done so, please let me know your dietary requirements and preferences ASAP - here's the form

Breakfasts are made fresh for us by the lovely local staff each morning, and includes fresh fruit, eggs and toast - we’ll meet at Mangga to eat together.

You can select your Lunch each day from a broad range menu from Bayu’s Kitchen, which will be delivered to the villa.

Most Dinner time meals are included in your retreat price and we’ll go to a nearby restaurant such as Element or Alchemy. There is 1 free night (after our spa day) so you can chill at home, go out, stay in town or whatever you feel like at the time!

There is a fridge and storage space, so please bring any special food and drinks with you. It is up to you to make sure you are hydrated (I'll try and remember too) so please bring your fave water bottle and keep it topped up for regular sipping - fresh filtered water will be available at the villa. We'll have tea and coffee there but if you have a fave, feel free to bring your own! 

Don't forget to pack any medication, supplements or emergency items you may need. 


There's a lot to pack into these few days so this is a guide only. The first evening is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and get on board with each others' goals and desired outcomes for retreat and then first thing in the morning, we're all about PLANNING so that you can hit the ground running!

Throughout the retreat, I’ll run several mini-workshops on topics such as email marketing, content planning, launching and all things projects. I'll teach and show you some of my fave hacks to help you get the most out of the retreat and apply to your business every single day for greater productivity, focus and progress. 


The POM Sessions (Pomodoro - a productivity tool that you're gonna love) are mostly 3 x 25 minute super-focused DOING sessions, and there are 10 of these sessions in total. In these, you can write blogs, create social media posts, record videos or audio, design your distribution workflow, build a course, create an email sequence - whatever is on your plan.

It is also during these sessions that you can take advantage of having some 1:1 time with moi to focus on specific things in your business. The POM Sessions are done in quiet, so that everyone can focus, distraction-free, to power through and hit some major goals!

During the day, we pack in A LOT... and I dunno about you, but I love a bit of downtime after being 'on' all day. There's plenty of time for quiet and alone time to recharge the batteries. There are loads of beautiful places to get gloriously lost around the place, so you're encouraged to do whatever you need in order to get the most out of this time

There will be limited time for exploring, but we will close for the day by 5:30pm each day, so you're more than welcome to head out after that (dinners are provided on all but 1 night of the retreat, so you'll just need to organise your own meals if you're not with the group). All day-time activities together are compulsory, but once we close for the day, your time is your own, so pressure to hang out - you're more than welcome to use this as personal time!

Claire Barton - Batch It Crazy Retreat

Travel Deets

Please ensure that you understand your own passport and visa requirements (if any) and that you have organised adequate travel insurance. Along with the above, your flights, transfers and transportation are your responsibility, solely. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to help out. 

Check with your health practitioner if you have any concerns about travelling, vaccinations, preventative action and emergency plans. If you have any life-threatening conditions, please let me (Claire) know as well. 

If you are travelling internationally, it's also a good idea to have some options to access your money and also data/sim for mobile phones where necessary. Wifi will be available at the accommodation but phone calls are your responsibility. 

In case of emergency while you're away from home, it's really important that I can contact someone. Please email me on with at least 1 emergency contact person's details.

Your Details

Please click here to give me some quick deets that will ensure you have the most wonderful stay in Bali!

Post Retreat

Following the retreat, it is my hope and plan that you will have the resources, templates, plans and motivation to continue to create and distribute your beautiful projects.

We will also have a group follow-up call on Wednesday 28th August from 12pm AEST (QLD time) for 60-90 minutes (pop that in your cal) for any follow-up questions and trouble shooting. 



If you cancel up to 12 weeks before the retreat start date, you will get a 50% refund of payments already made. Cancellations made within 12 weeks of the start date of the retreat will forfeit 100% of the total price at booking time. Please email me directly on as soon as practicable if you think you won't be able to make it to the retreat. All initial payments of up to $500 are non-refundable to hold your place.