Content Mapping Workshops

This gorgeous half-day workshop will help you to articulate your message, categorise your content and create some structure and processes to distribute your blogs, podcasts, videos, social media posts and more to reach your tribe!

Claire Barton Content Marketing Workshop

I'm definitely not about to lead you down the valley of Death-By-Planning, but it IS really important to understand who you're talking to, what your key messages are and how to align your content to your services, products and business goals!

Claire Barton Content Mapping Marketing Workshop

There are a gazillion different channels to get your message out there! From blogs to vlogs, podcasts to speaking gigs, Facebook to Instagram, newsletters to groups, the ways to connect with your tribe are endless (and exhausting). Here we get that organised!

Claire Barton Content Mapping Workshop

I've already told you that my fave thing to do is organise, right? I wasn't joking. I'm going to show you the best apps, tools and hacks to get your content consistently created and disseminated and how to get as much mileage as possible from each one!

Workshops are 4 hours long, and you're encouraged to bring along your laptop, smart phone, chargers, notebooks, pens and big ideas. 
We squeeze a lot in to these sessions so you walk away with an actionable, practical plan that's easy to implement and stick to!