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Claire Barton - Business Coach

Ever looked at your (massive, crazy, endless) biz to do list and thought
“You know what? I bet the cutlery could do with a polish.”

Yep. Me too.

Organising goddess. Closet 90s rap groupie. Productivity guru. Expert one-handed pen lid removalist. Bright side finder. Joke maker. Time bender. Coffee drinker.  Recovering Perfectionist.

My name is Claire Barton and I help entrepreneurs create order and beauty in their businesses so they can confidently up-level and take the next step.

It’s about getting real.

It’s about overcoming inertia with #ImperfectAction.

Actually getting started is 90% of the battle - my job is to help you get organised so you have the confidence to take the leap.

Claire Barton - quote

In a past life (lives!) I was a Retail Manager, Operations & HR Manager, Massage Therapist and Bar Wench (and yes, that was the actual job title)... These days, I pound the bread dough rather the pavement, I’ve traded in my pumps (ok I never really wore heels, but you get the picture) for Birkenstocks and I work late nights and weekends from beside my kids’ beds and in front of the idiot box instead of the cash register.
(PS - how crazy is that right eyebrow? #mindofitsown #lookslikeyourewritingaletter)



So many amazing women are sitting on so much untapped potential.

So many gorgeous ideas are never brought to life. Instead, they’re trapped by the need to be perfect. To avoid making a move for fear of making a mistake.

Fear is killing so many dreams. It needs to stop.

I’m here with the motivation, support and perseverance to help you get those dreams out of the dirt.

As a recovering perfectionist, I know that the more I show up, be real, honest and authentic, the more I hold space for others to do the same.

My clients come to me to help them calm the chaos in their mind and in their business.

Working with me is like having a biz bestie – except instead of chatting over a wine on the couch and waking up with a sore head, we’ve got coffee, confidence, a clear plan and finally some control over the craziness that is running a business. 

Ok, maybe a little wine. A girl’s gotta celebrate, right?!


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I will work with you to build a strong foundation that lets you feel empowered, calm, guilt-free and in control, so you have the space to be spontaneous without the walls crashing down.

Your business is your baby – but with so many things on the to-do list it’s easy to be constantly busy without getting a thing done. 

If you’re feeling lost, if you’re worried about taking the next step, if you’re looking for that *organised-ier* organiser that will help you run your business like a boss, I’m your girl.


If my biz & your biz were besties

If our businesses were besties, my biz would be the BFF who lets you do most of the talking. She intuitively "gets" you and your business, reading between the lines to give you the support you need so you feel totally at ease - you know she's got your back and she's in your corner.

Ridiculously sensible (yet completely flexible), she's the one who plans all the parties. Naturally, everything is gorgeous –  the place looks spectacular as the guests (your clients!) arrive - even if it was a total sh*t storm an hour earlier.

Then all hell breaks loose and you're about to completely lose the plot, your bestie catches your eye and says "you got this."

That’s my business.

And she wants to help you.

My Approach


My why

I've seen people - too many people - with these enormous and amazing dream, visions and ambitions who, at some point, find themselves feeling they have done nothing with their lives. I so passionately wish these gorgeous women had the motivation, support and perseverance to get something - anything! - done and not feel like they've wasted their potential.. I know they are perfectionists, most of whom won't even start anything for fear of it not being perfect.. I know they're afraid of change and stepping out of their comfort zone. And all this (plus more) leads to complete inertia. I really want to help women get out of this place - breaking down big goals into easy steps and surrounding themselves with beautiful support mechanisms to make the journey to their goals fun, rewarding and gorgeous!

Claire Barton

I started this biz because I love the freedom, the flexibility, the creativity and the connection to other brilliant people.
What I have to offer MATTERS because I see so many people – women in particular – who feel so much stress and pressure to get so much stuff done... they have huge dreams but the daily noise gets in the way and other priorities take over and I reckon I can help clear some of the stuff – physically and mentally – to make space and time.
To stop and smell the roses/coffee/Chanel No 5... whatevs.

I want you to see how you can have a beautiful, profitable business that brings you joy AND allows you the time to do whatever it is that you love!

I’m a details girl... You tell me roughly what the end product needs to look like and I’ll work out how to get there. And write a list. With check boxes. And Colour code it. And make it beautiful.

Did I mention that I don't mind a chat...?

I'm totes up to speak at your gig! Whether it's a keynote (usually on topics such as being a Recovering Perfectionist in Business, Business Start Up, Content & Connecting With Your Tribe or something else), a practical workshop or a long session of learning (usually on things like business hacks, content planning, business productivity or getting organised in your new or established business), I am in there like swimwear!